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Swissquote Group is committed to continue expanding its leading position in online financial services. Headquartered in Gland, Switzerland, Swissquote has offices in Zurich, Bern, London, Luxembourg, Malta, Bucharest, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore and caters to private and institutional clients by offering digital global custody and securities trading in over 3 million instruments, eForex solutions, innovative Robo-Advisory service and custodial services.



Swissquote Pte Ltd, Singapore

Swissquote Pte Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of Swissquote Bank SA, a fully licensed and Swiss-listed Bank.

In Singapore we have a Capital Markets Services («CMS») license, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore («MAS») to provide custodial services and dealing in capital markets products.

By virtue of the above, our Singapore office is our regional Asia-Pacific «booking centre» for institutional partners which includes external/independent asset managers, securities brokerages, insurance companies, family office (single and multi), corporates, fund managers and direct ultra-high net worth clients (Accredited investors).

Our long-standing Tier 1 global custody network relationships are a testament to our ability to provide global market coverage.

Our expert team is committed to deliver a specialised service ensuring compliance with investment regulations, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Trust is in the numbers


core capital ratio

Swissquote Group Holding Ltd (SQN) has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since May 2000. Ever since, our high reliability is also reflected in outstanding numbers every year.


clients worldwide

3 million


CHF 51.8 billion

client assets

A rock solid partner

STRENGTH Swissquote Group boasts a Tier 1 Capital Ratio among the highest in the industry, ensuring its financial strength and resiliency. View Swissquote’s latest financial reports.

SECURITY Swissquote Bank Ltd holds a banking and securities trading license since 2001, is supervised by FINMA and applies the highest Swiss banking standards of security and service quality. For more information, see the section About Us.

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TRANSPARENCY Swissquote Group (SQN) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since May 2000. This means that we are held to higher standards of transparency than most of our FX competitors, which aren’t publicly traded.

Executive Management


Mathias Dalla Valeria
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Swissquote Pte Ltd, Singapore


Marc Bürki
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Swissquote Group Holding Ltd and Swissquote Bank Ltd
Founding partner of Swissquote Group Holding Ltd


Gilles Chantrier
Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of Swissquote Group Holding Ltd and Swissquote Bank Ltd

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