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Because being an excellent strategist is not enough in today’s world, we provide you with the support you need so that you can apply your knowledge efficiently without losing time and concentrate on serving your clients.


Your one stop shop for professional trading


Platform & Tools

  • Multi-currency and multi-asset Swiss Bank account with Swiss IBAN

  • Direct access to global markets

  • Online transactions for the majority of listed products:
    Equities, bonds, funds, ETFs, options and futures, structured products, fiduciary deposits, Spot & Forward FX

  • Extended range of analysis services:
    Equity Analyzer, Portfolio Analyzer, Warrant Chooser, Fund Finder, Fund Optimizer, Order Book

  • Level 3 System connection to guarantee the highest level of security

Swissquote Professionals


View and manage all of your client accounts via a consolidated dashboard

  • Read-only or Trading access for you and your clients

  • Transmit collective orders

  • Create group of clients according to different criteria and strategy

  • Transaction confirmations available in PDF

  • Create your portfolio template and add your clients to the correspondent strategy

  • API (Application programming interface)

  • Real-time reporting on demand: account statement, TWR and MWR reports




Leveraged Forex

We put all our resources at your service.

Advanced Trader
(Proprietary platform),
MT4 & MT5
allocation types
Direct access
to markets
currency pairs, precious
metals, stock indices and
reporting and
monitoring tools
liquidity pool
from over
17 Tier 1 providers
Efficient client
on-boarding and multilingual support


With our white label solution, you can offer your end clients a robo-advisory service - online and in your company's name.

White label - a swift and efficient solution

  • 10+ years' experience in the white label business

  • Fully-integrated execution, reporting and monitoring tools

  • Own fully-customised platform under your own brand

  • Cutting-edge technology in the FinTech sector

  • Reliable hosting, IT services and technical support

  • Complete control - your end clients are and remain your clients



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Award-winning technology

Our Robo-Advisor is based on the same algorithms as the Swissquote Quant Fund, which received the Lipper Fund Awards for the best performance over three years in 2016. We developed this user-friendly platform to bring its innovative technology within reach of everyone.

Global Custody Services

Whether you are acting for multiple clients or an individual client, we can provide you with a tailored service solution.

  • Omnibus or segregated Multi-currency Trading Account

  • Real-time access to the global markets from one single account

  • Segregated Nominee Trading Account

  • Proprietary Trading Account

  • Professional Trading Account with PoA

  • Direct access to Trading Desk: Phone, Eikon or Bloomberg chat for execution (Traders support included)

  • STP process (Swift Integrated)

  • Large experience with Institutions worldwide (Banks and brokers)